Other databases about alternative splicing (incomplete list):

Several of these databases (for example, Fast DB, Hollywood, ASTRA) also contain NAGNAG acceptors and GYNGYN donors.

Tadokoro et al. experimentally confirmed more than 200 NAGNAGs.

Tadokoro K, M Yamazaki-Inoue, M Tachibana, M Fujishiro, K Nagao, M Toyoda, M Ozaki, M Ono, N Miki, T Miyashita & M Yamada (2005) Frequent occurrence of protein isoforms with or without a single amino acid residue by subtle alternative splicing: the case of Gln in DRPLA affects subcellular localization of the products. J Hum Genet 50 (8) 382-394. PubMed